Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final Life Drawing Portfolio/Post


Life Drawing One has taught me to not only recognize the correct proportions of the human body, but to also to recognize the individual structures that make up the human body.  The 30 second gesture drawings have helped me tremendously because having that small time frame forces me to focus on the basics of the subject matter.  In 30 seconds I only have time to catch the figure of the backbone, ribs, pelvis, head, and sometimes a few quick lines for the arms and/or legs.   I think that I made significant progress in drawing faces and facial features compared to how well I could draw faces before this Life Drawing class.  I will still continue working on drawing facial features.  I think that it is better to draw faces of people you do not have a strong personal connection with.  I feel more satisfied with a drawing of a strangers face rather than that of a face of a friend or close family member.  Along with continuing my study of faces will continue my over all figure drawing in my sketch book and possibly in larger drawings as well.  Feet and hands are definitely going to be a concern or point of interest when drawing or sketching.  This course has helped me engage a more realistic sense to my drawing style, which I think has helped out my own style and has opened doors to expressing myself in further drawings.  I am very interested in taking more advanced drawing classes to further my knowledge and view of the human body and also of other subject matter.  I will also be encouraging more life like figures in my artwork from now on because of my new found knowledge and interest in the human figure.

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